Shri Prakash Gossai, Founder (1953-2009)

Acharya Arun Gossai, Spiritual Leader

Bhuvaneshwar Mandir 

Shri Prakash Chand Gossai Vidya Foundation

     “Serving Humanity is Serving God.” This foundation is patterned after the revered Shri Prakash Gossai. The essence of humanitarianism was the teachings of this great soul not only by his life changing kathas (sermons) but also by his individual service to our society. It is our duty and desire to carry out his legacy and wish by banding together as a family to keep the torches that he lit decades ago burning ever so radiantly as we continue to spread his mission and desire of Sanatana Dharma (the eternal law of truth and life) world-wide. The millions of lives he touched can in return spread his divinity to so many more lives and keep this continuum affecting positively many generations to come.

     He was dedicated to spreading religion, culture, and education to the youth. He was involved in many missions and was awarded for his devotion to his religion, his country, and his love for all. During his lifetime he has touched millions of lives. It was never too late, or he was never too tired to give attention to any one. It was without a doubt that this foundation must be created in order to continue the greatness he gave to the world.

Objectives and Goals:
     Raise awareness of the steps one can take to help and support the global community especially those who are financially, medically, and emotionally disadvantaged. Investing in today’s youths through scholarships and equipping them with the tools in education, culture, and religion to be promising leaders of our communities. The children are our most precious resources and it is essential that we fertilize them with the appropriate guidance and spirituality so they enjoy prosperous futures. Regardless of race, religion, or social position like Shri Prakash Gossai our goal is to uplift the quality of the lives of everyone we encounter.

     Establish organized divisions within the foundation to strategically affect the different areas of life that Shri Prakash positively influenced through his humanitarian work. (ie. Religion/Culture, Education, Health Care, Race Relations)


      Set up programs such as a school supply drive for charitable organizations and school districts in countries such as Guyana and Jamaica, two countries he held very dear to his heart.

Health Care:

     Conduct Medical Missions to countries to provide health preservation.

Religion and Culture:

     Provide scholarships for study locally and abroad to continue learning and spreading the word of religion. Students will go through an essay competition and application requirements to qualify for this scholarship.

Race Relations:

     Break down racial and cultural boundaries by providing assistance to peoples from all walks of life.

Our long term goal would be to build a learning institution and center to house the different manifestations of this great mission.

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